About us.

Holy Cross School

Helping maximise educational facility revenue

Active Education Group (AEG) has been established to create a range of business products that can be delivered at schools, or other educational institutions, to generate significant extra revenue through holiday programmes. These programmes are based around sports, language or other activities and can be day time or residential courses, depending on the facilities.  AEG pays schools a guaranteed rental income with potential extra revenue related to numbers of participants attending the programmes.

Alternatively AEG business products can be branded in the school’s name to add value to the school’s overall educational provision.

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Understanding schools needs

We understand schools’ need to generate and maximise revenue when facilities aren’t being used, meet the needs of parents during the long school holidays, promote the school generally to potential new customers and also to consider the issues of delivering public benefit. AEG products will help to meet these needs by providing revenue, childcare, sports tuition and marketing the school in the local community to showcase the school to potential new customers. Click here to view our brochure.

Elite sports coaching

Schools of Sport

Range of products

AEG work closely with school decision makers to establish what the priorities for holiday courses at each school are, and offer a range of products to meet those needs. AEG offers the below core programmes, with more detail in Portfolio.

  • Multi-activity Camps
  • Elite Sports Coaching
  • English Language and Sports Courses
  • Online service to promote school facilities for hire

The management of all programmes, whether branded in the school’s name or otherwise, will be undertaken by AEG and the school will receive a rental fee income.

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Our ethos

AEG build in development legacy to all its courses, believing that children should not only have fun, but also be inspired to want to develop further whether it be in sports, academically, socially or personally.  To enable AEG to do this, we operate out of outstanding facilities and use the best teachers, coaches and leaders.

Peace of mind and a wealth of experience

Ben Prior, founder and Managing Director of the Active Education Group has over 30 years’ of experience running activity based holiday programmes out of hired school facilities, and has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing schools today. Ben has previously been Head of Sport at a Boys Preparatory school, a School Governor, sat on various committees at Oxford University RFC and was runner up in The Oxfordshire Businessman of the year award in 2008.

 Supporting a good cause

In 2006 Ben Prior helped found the charitable project, Camp Africa, which runs day and residential camps for township children living in Cape Town, South Africa. The camps teach key life skills, assist vulnerable children with homework support, build self-esteem and give them a holiday they would otherwise never have.  Ben continues to support Camp Africa, and working with AEG will directly support funding of future camps. Visit www.campafrica.org for more info.


 The next step

To arrange an initial meeting or call to discuss how we can help add value to your school during the holidays, go to the Contact page and contact Ben Prior directly.