Active Education Group has been established to provide a range of high quality products into the children’s education and leisure sectors, helping education establishments to maximise facility revenue during holiday periods.  Our products operate out of hired schools, or other educational facilities, and are delivered to high standards to compliment a school’s existing provision.


Maximise educational facility revenue

Active Education Group has a range of business products that can be delivered at schools, or other educational institutions, to generate significant extra revenue through holiday programmes. These programmes are based around sports, language or other activities and can be day time or residential courses, depending on the facilities.

Our ethos
Active Education Group builds in development legacy to all its courses, believing that children should not only have fun, but also be inspired to want to develop further whether it be in sports, academically, socially or personally. To enable us to do this, we operate out of outstanding facilities and use the best teachers, coaches and leaders.

Understanding school needs

We understand schools’ need to generate and maximise revenue when facilities aren’t being used, meet the needs of parents during the long school holidays, promote the school generally to potential new customers and also to consider the issues of delivering public benefit.


Recent Updates

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